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Illusionist Title Sequence

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Title Sequence for movie Illusionist

from SVA senior portfolio class

by Monica Kim

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madmen titel

Die von Imaginary Forces produzierte Titelsequenz zur US-Serie Mad Men scheint viel Freiraum für Interpretation und Parodie her zu geben.
Ich habe hier einmal einige Variationen der Titelmusik und -Sequenz zusammengetragen.

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The Secrets Of Title Designers

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Vimeo Award Winner 2012


Designed as a possible title sequence for a fictitious documentary, this film shows a history of the title sequence in a nutshell. The sequence includes all the names of title designers who had a revolutionary impact on the history and evolution of the title sequence. The names of the title designers all refer to specific characteristics of the revolutionary titles that they designed.
This film refers to elements such as the cut and shifted characters of Saul Bass’ Psycho title, the colored circles of Maurice Binder’s design for Dr. No and the contemporary designs of Kyle Cooper and Danny Yount.

This title sequence refers to the following designers and their titles:
Georges Méliès – Un Voyage Dans La Lune, Saul Bass – Psycho, Maurice Binder – Dr. No, Stephen Frankfurt – To Kill A Mockingbird, Pablo Ferro – Dr. Strangelove, Richard Greenberg – Alien, Kyle Cooper – Seven, Danny Yount – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Sherlock Holmes


Direction and Animation: Jurjen Versteeg / synple.nl
Music and sound design: Lea Jurida / jurida.com

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